Wear it, Share it, Get Rewarded for it!

Share pictures of you wearing the shoes you just purchased from us and You are GUARANTEED to win $100 or $10 or $2 store credit

We believe that your words worth much more than those fake marketing adds and websites!  so instead of paying them! we want to hear from you! and reward you for your time!

Follow those very easy few steps to win!
  1. Take picture of yourself with the shoes you just purchased and post it into your Instagram account!
  2. Write nice description and tag us @dashingshoes and use hashtag #shopdashingshoes 
  3. Follow us on Instagram @dashingshoes    
  4. DM us on Instagram with your post link or screenshot 
  5. We will share the cute pictures on our Instagram account! if we share your picture, we will send you code for $10 store credit , if not then we will send you code for $2 store credit
  6. If we ended up sharing your picture , you will enter a change to win $100 store credit! the pictures with most amount of likes on our Instagram account within time window (usually monthly) gets code for $100 store credit (you will be notified) 
  7. DO IT! we are just starting with new Instagram account! and we will be sharing a lot of pictures!