Puremay Wonder Facial Cleanser Stick Chrysanthemum

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Puremay Wonder Facial Cleanser Stick Chrysanthemum

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Puremay Wonder Stick Cleanser - The world's first truly clean cleansing stick! Infused with whole chrysanthemum petals, this pure and clean formula thoroughly rinses away makeup, dirt, and oil with natural plant oils and extracts.

Product Description.

  • A new concept of easy-to-carry stick cleanser that has natural petals in it so you can feel the scent and composition of petals.
  • Skin tone care, moisturizing

  • How To Use

  • 1. Lightly coat the face with water.
  • 2. Open the Stick Cleaner Cap, hold the bottom of the container, and rotate it so that the contents come out of the container.
  • 3. Massage the surface of the cleaning agent gently in a circle to allow contact with the skin.
  • 4. After getting enough blisters on your skin, massage it again and rinse it clean.